Tomorrow. It’s more than just a day, it’s an idea. It doesn’t exist, yet we prepare for it. It hasn’t happened, yet it brings us hope.



Will Biden/Democrats rape America again?

The Emperor/Biden “has no clothes” now.

The ˌemperor has no ˈclothes situation is everybody suddenly realizes that they were mistaken in believing that somebody/something was very good, important and could fix the country and were WRONG. Biden’s approval rating is tanking and inflation is streaking through the air waves like a missal. Never before has the country – which is led by the Biden Democrats – fallen to such a degree with blue cities swimming in a third world status.

The problem is the Democrats are incompetent and have no common sense and the CEO’s love it. The bulk of them are foreigners and are in the U.S. to help the One World Order/China/Democrats disrupt everything through no law and order and no Constitution as we see.

Investors now realize that Biden/the emperor has no clothes and no brain power left – now these CEO’s and Democrats are struggling on what to do in 2024, since the VP is like a goat – all she wants to do is sew-saw and lay her eggs by cackling.

Will the U.S. make a mistake again by listening to the left?


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