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KOMMONSENTSJANE – OP-ED: Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi join effort to take President Trump down in 2020 — WEATHER INTERNAL.

Originally posted on ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together:
One who thinks he is still relevant and all powerful, and the other, she thinks she is America’s supreme leader. Both delusional! What planet do they live on? Democrats can’t deliver,…

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KOMMONSENTSJANE – Mueller’s $35 Million Gaslighting of the American People—Tell Your Representative & Senators: Investigate and Stop This Treasonous Hoax Now!

Originally posted on LaRouche Irish Brigade:
Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey, alongside President Obama and former FBI Director Robert Mueller at Comey’s nomination to become the Seventh Director of the FBI. September 2013, Photo: FBI ? DOWNLOAD PDF by…

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Who is Nadler without the vote of the people to make this decision?  Does he think he is God? Who does he think he is – he has no authority to make this move. No more God in the People’s … Continue reading

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KOMMONSENTSJANE – The Real Reason Why Trump Cancelled The Iran Deal | Zero Hedge

Originally posted on MCViewPoint:
Currently, companies such as Lockheed Martin are thriving as they had done during WW II, but the sheer corruption in America’s military spending is this time the reason, Thus, we’re in the condition of ‘permanent war for…

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