As the saying goes – he can do whatever he wants with his money – he earned it; but – HARVARD? Harvard didn’t earn it – look what they are doing to our kids – WOKE/EQUITY?

He doesn’t have to explain anything to anybody, as we said – but, he can’t be a true conservative in body and spirit.

The problem with our CEO’s – we have too many who are not Americans on the boards of our companies who do not have American values. A good example is – when you are raised as a liberal with their values – there is no way they will change.

The American values are an exceptional way of thinking. Foreigners who come to America have a hard time of grasping – FREEDOM – period. They never had it – they were pushed from pillar to post – divided and put in their place. When they come to the U.S. – it is hard for them to make their way because of being pushed around. And, the CEO’s who are here on the boards are use to pushing people around – AND WE DON’T LIKE IT.

So, I feel like this gentleman was talked into this placement of hard earned cash. He needs to rethink his donation on what is good for the country.

God Bless the U.S.A. and all of the CEO’s who are willing to sacrifice for the good of country and not for the Democrat’s political nature which was stolen from the people.


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