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Former AG Testifies Against Biden Regime’s Censorship
April 1, 2023

Schmitt’s Testimony Will Expose Outrageous Corruption.

For more than two years, Americans who felt strongly that their speech was censored were told they were wrong. Anyone who suggested that big tech, directed by their leftist corporate elite, was forced to monitor and control what users could see and what they could post. The censorship that has occurred in the U.S. over the last 24 months is the largest in U.S. history!

But even more disturbing is who made the decision to shadowban particular accounts and bury open discourse. Americans might otherwise appreciate the leftist push to stop conservatives from expressing their viewpoints. When users discovered these types of violations, they could report them or simply choose another platform.

However, the problem was that the agencies responsible for ensuring free speech were the ones demanding that it be censored. While there have been whispers that conservatives were being targeted for many years, the tendency to eliminate alternative opinions reached its pinnacle during the pandemic.

But that wasn’t the only situation where the Biden administration, through a corrupt federal judicial system, worked to control what Americans said and who they said it to. Using officials within the FBI and Department of Justice, Biden’s liberal leftists zeroed in on conservatives. The DOJ labeled parents as domestic terrorists, an effort clearly designed to silence them.

Social media accounts were both banned and suspiciously curtailed because of their viewpoints. At the direction of the FBI, popular social media executives were instructed to label damaging information as false. Through the dedicated efforts of true journalists, the censorship of free speech has been exposed. We have never seen anything like this in U.S. history.

To provide further truth of Biden’s censorship corruption, the former Missouri attorney general Eric Schmitt will be testify in front of a House committee. On Thursday, Schmitt is expected to provide proof to House committee members that the Biden administration led “the largest speech censorship operation in recent history.”

Schmitt claims Biden officials orchestrated a censorship scheme using social media companies. The level of corrupt censorship of Americans’ right to free expression is something akin to Third World dictatorships.

Joe Biden and his radical administration have trampled on the single-most important right in the U.S. Constitution: the right to say what we want to whomever we want, as long as we do not violate the law. This is not only the largest speech censorship operation in U.S. history; it’s the biggest attack on our democracy as well.


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