It is time to return to the paper trail and not rely on the internet.

Election Software Used in US is Connected to Internet, Uncertified, and Able to Backdate Election Records
April 1, 2023

Some will insist that to still be talking about the 2020 U.S. presidential election is pointless. In some respects, that may be accurate. Anyone thinking that the final result will be changed now is foolish. It’s not. Joe Biden is going to finish his term in the White House, despite troves of evidence that he shouldn’t even be there.

However, looking ahead at future elections is where the real concern should be. With so much factual proof that the 2020 election results were manipulated, Americans must demand assurances that future elections cannot be stolen. Such corruption will ultimately destroy our democracy faster than most anything else could.

The American democratic experiment is firmly based on every legal U.S. citizen of voting age having a say in who runs our nation. Without the assurance that our elections are fair and impartial, the core fabric of the democratic republic is essentially worthless. Political parties cannot be allowed to cheat and manipulate election results.

That type of corruption is reserved for corrupt, Third-World banana republics. Cheating and lying to stay in power is what dictators do, not U.S. presidents. But that’s not how the 2020 election and possibly some results from the 2022 midterms played out. The results were twisted and contorted.

The notion that Joe Biden got more votes than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history is beyond absurd. The scam Democrats pulled on the American public is unconscionable. But continuing to bring up the 2020 election is still important. The reasons are clear. There is a strong indication the left is continuing to use various strategies to cheat.

One is recently reported election software being distributed across the country. BPro-Knowink is an election software that is gradually being implemented in dozens of states. However, BPro-Knowink is directly connected to the Internet. Furthermore, the software is not certified. BPro-Knowink will in all likelihood not be auditable either.

But worst of all, experts say that the software can have its records backdated as well. In non-technical jargon, that means someone can go in and reverse records to reflect election numbers that actually never happened. Someone could easily cheat. Does this sound familiar? Do Americans remember the total 2022 Election Day fiasco in Arizona?

There are many election experts who still believe the Arizona governor’s race was a fraud. There’s even more suspicious activity leading up to the next series of critical national elections. The Gateway Pundit has exposed an entire election system in New Mexico. This software, called SERVIS, is vulnerable to manipulation. SERVIS is also uncertified.

At present, versions of this corruptible software are being implemented in 36 states. This is a dangerous development. One stolen election has already driven a wedge between otherwise amiable rivaling political ideologies. Any more incidents of a single party stealing an election will send the nation over the edge. How many more corrupt elections can one democracy endure?


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