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Google won’t allow publishing anymore about the above article than I have here.

Follow this – Obama/Biden/Rice/Pelosi/Soros – they didn’t have the guts to do what they did – so – they had a staged black/brown revolution on Jan 6, installed/weaponized/woke black people in most of the government positions, they chose Bragg – a black man paid off by Soros to be the fall guy to bring on this conviction. Is this so that history will show that the black race (13%) brought down the white people? All part of the plan by the One World Order/Obama. They are using the black people as props because of their lack of understanding world history. Plain and simple.

Just watch how this works out. They know if President Trump is elected in 2024 – they don’t have a chance in hell to continue this process of “getting rid of the Constitution” and continuing Marxism and making the blacks/brown/whites slaves to this new order which is a continuation of Soros’ WWII war which he lost as one of Hitler’s goonies. A Jew who is a Nazi?

Time will tell – the blacks/brown people better wise up – Obama/Holder are leading them into a trap – for sure..

My opinion.


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