You darn tootin’ – Obama was the leader of the pack and is still leading Biden by the nose via Susan Rice. Why isn’t Rice being investigated.

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December 25, 2022
In recent years, the relationship between the FBI, Big Tech companies, and the US government has become increasingly concerning. With the rise of censorship and surveillance, and the information provided to us recently by Elon Musk, many Americans have started to worry about the implications of the FBI’s alleged collaboration with Big Tech companies.

According to recent reports, the FBI has been working with Big Tech companies to create an illegal censorship machine. This machine is intended to suppress dissenting opinions, target political opponents, and manipulate public opinion. And guess who might just be behind it?

The Obama administration is said to be the architect of this machine. During Obama’s tenure, the FBI worked directly with the tech giants to block the publication of certain news stories. The FBI also exchanged information with Big Tech companies to identify political dissidents and censor their speech.

According to Crowdsourcethetruth.com.

In 2015, long after Ayers and Dohrn helped the obscure Illinois State Senator rise to international prominence, President Obama held a technology summit at Stanford University. After delivering remarks on the future of technology and industry, Obama signed Executive Order 13691 Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing. In it, the President commanded that, “private companies, nonprofit organizations, executive departments and agencies (agencies), and other entities must be able to share information related to cybersecurity risks and incidents and collaborate to respond in as close to real time as possible.” Stanford students in attendance were probably unaware, but this order codified long standing FBI demands to supersede the fourth amendment and investigate anyone they wanted. This paved the way for the Neo-fascism now being exposed in the ongoing releases of the “Twitter Files”.

Making good on his campaign promise, Obama ensured that America would be fundamentally transformed from a Constitutional Republic into a Neo-fascist Technocratic Autocracy. This new authority would be enforced by a digitally enabled Super-Stasi made up of FBI InfraGard members, (https://www.infragard.org/) and other contractors including hundreds, perhaps even thousands of ordinary citizens patrolling on-line as America’s Secret Police.

This relationship between the FBI and Big Tech companies is not only concerning, but it is also illegal. The First Amendment protects the right to free speech, yet the FBI’s collaboration with Big Tech companies to censor us is a direct violation of this right and a clear abuse of power. The FBI is supposed to uphold the law and protect citizens, not act as a tool of censorship and oppression.
This illegal censorship machine is a threat to our democracy. It is an affront to the values of freedom of speech and expression that this country was founded on.

Big Tech must also be held accountable for their role in this illegal censorship machine. These companies are designed to provide a platform for free expression, not to be a tool of oppression.

We have to do better folks. We must demand that the FBI and Big Tech companies stop this collusion. We must protect our right to free speech and expression, and work together to ensure that our government does not abuse its power.


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