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It is time to send the Democrats through the car wash since we are paying extra for a thorough cleaning. And, a steamed cleaning.


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So this is Christmas,
And what have we done?
We’ve shared lots of meme posts,
And had lots of fun.
And told lots of people,
That the world’s all gone wrong.
But it’s all a big joke now,
So let’s all laugh along.

1. Zelensky was back in Washington this week, you’ll never guess why.

2. This Christmas, remember just 50 billion a year could help support a puppet regime and dozens of war profiteers from the military-industrial complex.

3. On the plus side, he’s so easy to shop for.

4. Not to mention, he’s the hottest-selling toy this season, (with a lego mini-figure who’s actually life-size).

5. Life comes at you pretty fast.

6. Yeah, there’s a lot of them going around.

7. One of the big mysteries of life.

8. “Imagine how much worse it could have been without these seatbelts.”

9. Still, it’s much…

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