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‘The left hates conservatism and traditional family values’

More attacks on Verna Benham in the Oct. 20 letters to the editor indicate that she must have spoken truths that the leftists don’t like. So much for the First Amendment and the free expression of opinion if these socialists get their way.

It is perfectly reasonable to assume (Barak) Obama is behind (Joe) Biden’s throne, given that much of Biden’s staff used to work for Obama. The evidence is not lacking, and the observations are not new. Avowed communists, Marxists and socialists permeate the White House. Not a single soul who believes in the Constitution works there, thanks to Obama.

If you can look at the last 20 months and point to anything competent, honest or good for America, that has come from the Biden administration, then you are a Kool-Aid-drinking Democrat and talking to you in a rational manner is a waste of time.

The election was stolen, and Biden is the illegitimate figurehead of Obama’s third term. If you are not a Democrat or a Trump hater, you know this to be true. We have seen the evidence and more comes to light every day. The ballot numbers don’t add up. The America-hating socialists are wrong. The issue is not settled. The real criminals have not received justice.

There was no insurrection on Jan. 6. The truth is being buried. Of the 100,000-plus protestors, only a handful destroyed any property. ANTIFA, BLM and FBI infiltrators instigated trespassing and violence, all in an effort to destroy Trump.

(Nancy) Pelosi could have and should have beefed up security, and she refused to do so. She, too, wanted something to happen. That is how much the left hates conservatism and traditional family values.

Are you really going to vote for them to maintain their power?




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