From what I can understand – this is not all of the American people’s choices – only the left and not all of them want what they are dumping on us. The Democratic Party is a failure by their spending habits.

Daily Times/Kerrville

What more ‘blue’ agenda do people want?


I see “vote blue” signs and wonder what more of the “blue” agenda these folks want.

Is it more inflation? Higher gas prices and more dependence on our adversaries like OPEC? Do they want more illegals coming across our border, bringing disease, crime, Fentanyl, terrorists and human trafficking?

Crime rates across this country have skyrocketed because “blue” voters have wanted to defund the police, and they have elected prosecutors who refuse to prosecute. (President Joe) Biden, (Vice President Kamala) Harris and (Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro) Mayorkis offer no answers to their ignoring these issues.

Some report that Biden has sold one-third of our Strategic Petroleum Reserves in order to bring down fuel costs which he more than doubled. The SPR was not intended to be used for economic/political recovery. It is for emergencies.

And remember when our second amendment rights were attacked by Biden (and Beto O’Rourke), that Biden armed the Taliban, al Queda and Isis with $87 billion in arms, when he abandoned our people in Afghanistan. He trusts them more than he trusts us. One has to wonder.

Click on the following and see what they are doing to us:





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