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Now that we know the truth, the left radicals can quit making up stories and get on with our lives. Would someone at the White House please inform President Biden. Because whoever is his adviser is giving him the wrong information.


The truth about climate change and carbon dioxide
Tom Moser


Climate change (aka global warming) is caused primarily by natural processes driven by the sun and not human produced carbon dioxide. As a matter of a fact, carbon dioxide is good, and an increase in carbon dioxide is beneficial to people and plants. These claims are substantiated by facts (empirical data).

I will present the facts.

First, it is important to recognize that the facts were established and/or endorsed by a group of former NASA scientists and engineers known as “The Right Climate Stuff,” which I founded 12 years ago. Our guiding principle has been “In God we trust, everyone else bring data.”

Global temperatures are caused by the sun. The earth is heated by radiation from the sun. The amount of radiated heat reaching the earth is determined by solar activity, including flares, the proximity of the earth to the sun and the tilt of the earth to the sun.

The radiated heat has varied between hot and cold extremes for millions of years. The time between extremes is approximately 150 million years, with smaller variations ranging from 500 to 11 years in the case of sunspot cycles. These facts are based on scientific measurements of the atmosphere that were captured in the Arctic and Greenland ice.

There are two things that happen to the sun’s energy when it reaches the earth: It is either reflected or absorbed. That which is absorbed heats the earth, including the oceans, land and atmosphere. This absorbed heat is radiated back to space. That which is captured by greenhouse gases is minute and is discussed next.

The global temperature has increased 1.1 degree centigrade over the past 150 years, and the rate of increase has tapered off to essentially nothing in the last decade and a half.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a minor greenhouse gas. Gases in the atmosphere trap some heat, i.e., greenhouse effect. The greenhouse gases are comprised of water vapor (95%), carbon dioxide (3.6%) and all other gases (1.4%). Humans produce only 0.12% of the carbon dioxide, primarily through the burning of fossil fuels. It is not reasonable to believe that this minute amount of carbon dioxide could have a significant effect as a greenhouse gas.

The majority of scientists do not agree that human-produced carbon dioxide is causing climate change. It has been stated that 97% of scientists agree that human produced carbon dioxide is causing climate change. This claim was based on a review of approximately 12,000 technical papers in 2013 by Dr. John Cook, assistant professor at George Mason University. In 2015, the same 12,000 technical papers were objectively reviewed by a group of scientists. The conclusion was 0.3% (41) of the authors actually stating that human produced carbon dioxide was causing the climate change.

Complex engineering analyses by the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change has incorrectly predicted significant increases in the global temperature. The IPCC analyses have been proven to be wrong when compared to measured temperatures.

It is interesting to note that, in 1971, a German scientist predicted the earth was entering a period of severe cooling, and “Europe would be covered with the glaciers of a new ice age by the turn of the century.”

The bottom line regarding analytical, scientific predictions is they have been incorrect.

Carbon dioxide is not causing major weather events to increase. Based on data from federal agencies’ — NOAA, USDA Forest Service, etc. — actual data, the number and magnitude of hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods and wildfires are not increasing.

Carbon dioxide is safe, good and is not a pollutant. Carbon dioxide is necessary for plants to exist. The atmosphere contains approximately 420 parts per million of carbon dioxide. Is carbon dioxide increasing? The answer is yes, but it was many times this amount millions of years ago.

What would be the effect of doubling the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 900 ppm? Agricultural tests have demonstrated that the production of trees would increase by 70%, grains by 36%, vegetables by 46% and fruits by 33%. The world would benefit with increased crop production.

Are greater concentrations of carbon dioxide levels safe for humans? The answer is yes. Remember, we all breathe in 420 ppm of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Sailors in submarines can safely breathe 8,000 ppm, astronauts on the space station can safely breathe 5,000 ppm and CPR recipients can safely receive 40,000 ppm.

Additional details supporting the above facts can be seen at http://www.therightclimatestuff.com.

Why is it being claimed that an increase in human-produced carbon dioxide is causing a climate crisis?


• Progressives – Advocate one world society and redistribution of wealth.

• Foreign countries – Desire financial aid in order to reduce carbon dioxide.

• Wall Street – Billions of dollars in commissions can be made with carbon credits and huge potential investments in green energy.

• Green industries – Billions of dollars can be made, especially with government subsidies.

• Academia – Funded with grants to prove increasing carbon dioxide is harmful.

• Environmental extremists groups – For some, it’s like a religion.

• Media – The public buys catastrophic stories.

An attack on carbon dioxide is an attack on fossil fuels, energy, on thousands of everyday products and the U.S. economy.

Tom Moser is a retired senior executive for NASA, retired Kerr County commissioner, founder of The Right Climate Stuff and a resident of Kerrville.


Thank you Mr. Moser, you are doing a great service with your information.


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