KOMMONSENTSJANE – Dinesh D’Souza Releases Movie Poster for “2000 Mules” on 2020 Election Fraud — Premiere Dates Announced — May 2 thru May 7 — The Gateway Pundit


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“2,000 Mules” exposes ballot traffickers who stole the 2020 Election.

The One World Order/Obama/Foreign countries/Pelosi/Schumer/Biden/Democrats/the Ball-less Media were all part of this crime on the citizens.


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“They thought we’d never find out. They were wrong.”

Dinesh D’Sousa released the poster tonight for his upcoming movie“2000 Mules.”

The premiere week isMay 2-May 7.

In late January film producer Dinesh D’Souzareleased the trailerfor his upcoming movie“2000 Mules.”

True the Votehas been working with Dinesh D’Souza to create this bombshell movie that uses footage and tracking data they obtained of ballot boxes in key states across America used to steal the election in 2020.

In early January The Gateway Pundit reported to our readers that our organization signed a legal agreement to hand over exclusive video from a major battleground state toTrue the Votefor their ballot trafficking investigation in the 2020 election.

The Gateway Pundit shared never before seen ballot dropbox surveillance video, 24 Terabytes of footage, with the election integrity group in their ongoing investigation.

Special thanks to Patty McMurray…

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