Correction: Susan Rice is not the sister of Condoleezza Rice.

Susan Rice has joined the Biden administration’s cabinet pick and was chosen to run the White House Domestic Policy Council given her experience in foreign policy. Susan Rice was the former national US security adviser for President Obama.

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Richard Grenell Provides Proof That Susan Rice Is Running The Show

Richard Grenell has always stood firmly with his statement – that Susan Rice is the actual leader of this country, and that Joe Biden is just a political figure with not much to say.

The “Biden-Harris” Administration is a total circus – but who’s in charge?

According to Trump loyalist, Richard Grenell the person who he claims is the puppet master is disgraced liar Susan Rice.

Also – here’s something more that adds up perfectly!

“Now, in case you’re not familiar – Avril Danica Haines is an American lawyer and senior government official who currently serves as the Director of National Intelligence in the Biden administration.

And as you know, Jake Sullivan is the National Security Advisor and co-author of this disastrous Afghanistan nightmare.

Two TOP key spots in Biden’s admin, who are both closely tied to Susan.”



Also, remember that Susan Rice was an Obama top some body. I still say Susan is the top cop and Obama is pulling the strings.

On December 1, 2008, President-elect Obama announced that he would nominate Rice to be the United States ambassador to the United Nations, a position which he restored to cabinet level. Reportedly, Rice had wanted the post of national security advisor, which instead went to retired United States Marine Corps general James L. Jones.

At her confirmation hearing, Rice was introduced by Senator Susan Collins (RINO) who said “I can think of … no better messenger than Dr. Susan Rice. I am honored to present her to this distinguished committee, and I enthusiastically endorse her nomination.” Rice was confirmed by the Senate by voice vote on January 22, 2009 Rice became the second-youngest person and the first black woman to represent the U.S. at the UN.


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