KOMMONSENTSJANE – “What Will the Cowards Who Sat and Did Nothing – Say Now?” – President Trump Releases Statement on Upcoming Movie “2000 Mules” — The Gateway Pundit

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What will the cowards who sat and did nothing – SAY NOW?.

My answer to that statement is – They did nothing because they were PAID OFF and were part of the crime. So, they will continue to sit on the sidelines and allow it to “just slide into the history books” while the ball-less three legged stool who are supposed to  protect the Constitution will still lack a leg which belongs to the Democrats who were the ones who stole the 2020 President Trump election.

We have had a few people, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer, the pillow guy, and D’Souza to come forward and expose this 2020 election.  We know there are a lot more.

It is not too late to correct this crime.  Speak now or forever hold your peace.


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President Trump released a statement on the upcoming movie by Dinesh D’Souza with Catherine Engelbrecht on the rampant election fraud of the 2020 election. Catherine and her True the Vote organization were able to track hundreds of ballot traffickers who were paid to drop THOUSANDS of illegal ballots in hundreds of ballot boxes in battleground states.

The investigation finally proves what we all knew from the beginning. The 2020 election was stolen and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

Via President Trump:

“Highly respected Dinesh D’Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, “2,000 Mules,” that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it was the “most secure election in history.” It was, perhaps, the least secure in history. The…

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