Why is it okay for Molinari, a former GOP REP and turned Democrat to work with Russia but it is not okay for a Republican to even talk to a Russian on the phone?

Democratic National Convention Speaker Susan Molinari Was A Lobbyist For Russia and a former GOP representative.

The Dancing Chicken.


By Mike LaChance -August 18, 2020

One of the people who spoke at the Democratic National Convention was a woman named Susan Molinari. She was a Washington, DC lobbyist for Russia.

After screaming about Russia for four years, the Democrats actually had a lobbyist for Russia speak on behalf of Biden at their convention.

The Federalist reports:

Top DNC Speaker Susan Molinari Made Millions Lobbying For Russia, Federal Records Show

The heavily promoted formerly Republican lawmaker endorsing Joe Biden for president tonight at the Democratic National Convention was a highly paid Russian lobbyist whose firm was paid millions of dollars for work on behalf of the Kremlin, federal records show.

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According to federal documents filed pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), the lobbying firm run by former Rep. Susan Molinari and its business partner received nearly $2.5 million in just one six-month period in 2008 to “cover fees and expenses for providing services for the benefit of the Russian Federation.”

During the final of the year, the Russian lobbying deal made the consortium another $2.8 million for its work on behalf of the Kremlin, records show.

Molinari, who ran for and won the same congressional seat vacated by her father in 1989, left Congress in 1997 to embark on a lucrative career promoting the interests of foreign governments in Russia, Bangladesh, and Panama.

Molinari’s former firm The Washington Group was part of a consortium of high-powered marketing and lobbying operations that raked in more than $60 million from the Russian Federation to improve the country’s image in the United States.



Now she thinks Joe Biden should be president. https://foxnews.com/politics/ex-gop-rep-speaking-at-dem-convention-once-lobbied-biden-office-while-representing-russia #DemConvention
7:11 PM · Aug 17, 2020

Now that is just too funny for words. Maybe she should be investigated by AG Barr. Is she just a fake Democrat working with the Russians?


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