Former Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele Joins Anti-Trump Group ‘The radical Lincoln Project’.

August 25, 2020| By: TTN Staff

Former chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steel has officially joined the anti-Trump group, “The Lincoln Project.”

Steele has been a regular critic of President Trump on MSNBC.


Who cares – he left the party long time ago and has been bashing the Republican Party on MSNBC with Morning Joe and his communist wife ever since. Wonder why he left them to join the radical Fake Lincoln Project. Probably for more money!

Isn’t that the radical Bill Kristol’s group who fell out of the cuckoo’s nest? This group is working for big business/tech giants against the American people and President Trump.

Forming groups outside of a party is “EASY MONEY.” Don’t fall for it. Look at $65 Million spent on Jeb Bush’s campaign – that is enough to “choke a horse.” Who got all of that wasted money?


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