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May 14,2020

Flash back.


They giveth and then they taketh is the motto of Obamacare.

This is the biggest rape on the American people by the Democrats. Just shove it down your throat.

Anyone who thinks this insurance is “peachy cream” needs to know the real costs to everyone. It is the biggest rape every committed on the American people and doctors.

Why is it just the doctors who were harmed in their pay structure? Just think – they attend school for many more years than the average to take care of the health of our people and then you pay them pennies on the dollar; but, yet the government didn’t take a look at the dentists whose costs which are prohibitive to the average person? Why weren’t dentists in on this Obamacare fraud?

In the end – Obama after leaving office after eight years is a billionaire and the doctors have disappeared because of the red tape and pay.

Something is wrong with this picture.

It is necessary to change our structure when working for the government. Upon entry into a position a base worth needs to be established and when leaving government this has to be rectified. We have to stop allowing politicians from enriching themselves by using illegal means – which is happening.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

He gave you Obamacare, do you trust and believe him on ObamaEd?

I am not a genius, but please believe and trust me when I say “Nothing is free” not freedom of speech and certainly not a two-year college degree.  I will not go into an explanation of that conclusion, I unlike Obama and his administration believe American voters are in fact “smart enough to know better”.

Is Obama once again setting the wheels in motion to sell another social program with false structure, counting on the “stupidity of the American voter” to accept it, like we did Obamacare?   The concept is great, we can all go to school, and its free to us if we maintain a C+ average.  There is a lie right there “we can all go”, no, from what I have heard this would be available to approximately 9 million; LOL and most probably would…

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