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May 14, 2020

A flash back in reading.

This is why we are where we are today because we trusted but didn’t verify Obama. We elected him – while he sealed all of his dirty laundry with lawyer Kagan. It is time this is unsealed while we are trying to clean up the present coup.

Also, we need to get our kids back to being schooled; but, every school needs to be cleaned up before it restarts and remove all of this socialism out of our schools. Get back to saying the pledge before the school day starts.

No safe spaces and equality in conservative/socialist teachers. Real teachers in the class room not subs while the teacher is doing nothing (they call it performing research). Being sure that all foreigners are assimilated according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Plain and Simple.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Did you ever watch The Tonight show with Jay Leno, where he would go out on the streets and ask questions randomly of those passing by?  Now I am sure only those with the most ridiculous answers were aired, it was for comedy after all.  Still, the fact people wouldn’t even know who their vice president was, or had little knowledge of current events etc.    I apologize but for a lack of a better word, they were simply dumb, uneducated people, Americans.

Dumbing Down of America did occur and continues.   Think about this, could this explain the mentality and intelligence (lack thereof) of our Congressional leaders and president?   I will excuse Obama from this group, he learned very well from his mentor Saul Alinsky…..and college professors.  He is executing Alinsky’s political philosophy of destroying the U.S. just as instructed.   Our leaders just may be products of…

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