KOMMONSENTSJANE – this says it all, don’t miss this, it’s more than a horse race.

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This horse race tells it all:

Off to the #races – this is brilliant! 😂😂😂 #COVID19#Coronaviruspic.twitter.com/kRcqEa5FMz

— Ian Wee (@ianwyj) May 9, 2020

Coronavirus should be called Stupid No. 2. Obamacare is Stupid No. 1. We have to distinguish between a politician who runs our country and spends tax money and a scientist who puts stuff together for health/climate purposes. We all know that numbers we put in computers are only as good as what the results of test models were. If you mis-calibrate the model you are using then we all know – you are lying in order to commit fraud. Is this happening in the scientific world and the Democrat politicians world to lie to the people, again and again.

The biggest question in the scientific world is:

How often do these areas of expertise check the calibration of their machines?

For starters, we have to establish the system is not being gamed with the Obama Democrats and the One World Order. Me, I am following President Trumps model, not Dr. Fauci’s model. In my eyes, he is what I have call a “mad, mad scientist.” He has made so many statements and and then made a complete reversal of that statement – that he is not believable any longer. His intentions are lined up with China/W.H.O.. Money always comes first in the eyes of the beholder.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

This is the best description I have seen and heard on the Coronavirus yet!


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