‘Obamagate’ Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory, It’s The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time.

I don’t want to hear any Republican say that people only need to be fired. A lot of Republicans’ lives were turned upside down for over three years and their lives were ruined. The cost of this fakery has cost the U.S. millions and millions of dollars and just take a look at the debt Obama/Democrats caused and how much money they stole.

The Obama Democrats treated our Treasury as if it was their personal bank account.

Now that the Obama Democrats have been exposed and each blade of grass has been identified and the coup was even worse than originally thought – these Democrats have been spying unlawfully on people in the U.S. and God only knows throughout the world. Were you one of those who were in the mix of victims?

And, all of the other crimes they committed during Obama’s time and prior to Obama?

These are serious crimes which have been committed; but, this morning on Fox and Friends, a Republican made a comment that these people need to be FIRED. Fired my foot,they need to be fired, pay a fine, and go to prison. Isn’t a felony equal to ten years in prison.

Some of these Republicans stood by for eight years of Obama, scared out of their wits, and didn’t do anything to slow down the Democrats from all of the damage they did to our country.

Here is this guy stating they only need to be fired. That is the problem with politicians – they protect each other. I hope I don’t EVER hear another Republican state – THEY ONLY NEED TO BE FIRED!

Shame on him.

Some of them need to go to the gallows so this never happens again. The crime punishment has to fit the crime. Plain and simple.


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