What a pitty-pat Supreme Court?

Isn’t a census conducted every ten years to find out how many citizens and others are in the U.S. to be able to manage the household of our country – so that you can part the waves?  We have had that question on prior census reports – we still have our Supreme Court playing games by questioning the legality of this census by questioning the reason for it.

The same thing happened when the black-robed Supreme Court put Obamacare on our backs.


A willingness to fight’: Win or lose, Trump’s push for a citizenship question in the Census.

The government had begun printing Census forms, the Commerce Department had publicly announced its legal surrender and Justice Department lawyers had rested their case in court. But President Trump wasn’t ready to give up the fight.

With a tweet that sent much of his administration scrambling over the July 4 holiday, Trump decided to unilaterally revive the government’s attempt to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census.

It’s a move that fits into a long pattern of Trump going to the mat — and occasionally overruling his own administration — to force a fight over controversial issues. While the strategy has so far yielded mixed results, it nonetheless allows Trump to cast himself as a relentless change agent — an image that has become central to his reelection bid.


This is the first President in my lifetime that fought for the people and not his own pocketbook.   And then – gives his salary to charity.

Let’s show who is a citizen and who is not – that is called a real census.

Following is the way the census was conducted in 1920.   It lists all people who live in the house and what their status was at the time.  This shows a person who is a boarder in the house and not a member of the family.






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