KOMMONSENTSJANE – House GOP leader sides with AOC on pay hike, says Congress at risk of being only for millionaires.

Have our politicians looked at the debt clock lately?

How did all of these folks become millionaires – they didn’t go into office as millionaires?  I sure smell a rat.

In the public arena, you were given a raise when your performance called for it.  Now it looks like the government calls for a raise when they “don’t do anything.”


This DO NOTHING CONGRESS – DEMOCRATS (AOC) AND REPUBLICANS don’t deserve a raise.  They have sat on their “behinds” cow-towing to the lobbyists  for eight years during the Obama’s time and now two years under Prez Trump and have been made millionaires with Soros’ pay offs  and now these same millionaires are asking for a raise while the folks out in the field with Prez Trump’s tax cut are still behind the eight ball.  Either cut the taxes for “JUST THE POOR FOLKS” or BRING DOWN THE PRICES OF GOODS AND SERVICES.

Again, AOC and the rest of the Congress Democrat socialists are receiving payoffs by Soros – so don’t worry about them.

They don’t need their bread buttered – we need to make burnt toast out of all of these Democrat socialists who are still trying to take over the government.

McCarthy needs to stop spinning his wheels and do a better job of negotiating with Pelosi.


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., are on opposite sides.

But now McCarthy appears to agree with AOC that members of Congress deserve a pay raise. Without a salary increase, McCarthy says, only millionaires will be able to serve.

The top Republican in the House made the comments this week as lawmakers scrapped the bill over the possible backlash from increasing salaries for themselves and their staffs.


Sorry, DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS do your job – like closed borders and not OPEN BORDERS and get something done for the people instead of  yourself – LIKE IMMIGRATION.


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    Because I love this country I am sending you a chit for the money you have spent: The debt clock to remind our Senators and Congressmen/women what our country owes and you need to started a plan to pay off this debt – even a penny plan would work.



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