GREENVILLE, S.C. — Some people whisper it, some apologize for it, and some are very careful to mention their neighbors — their neighbors would be the ones to ask.

“Do you really think a woman could be elected president?”

In ways subtle and overt, Democrats keep hearing that same question, even days after debates where Senator Kamala Harris commanded the stage and Senator Elizabeth Warren dominated the policy discussion.


Sure, a woman could be elected President; but, it has to be the right person.  Neither one of these two, plus the other disingenuous Democrat women/men, are honest enough to be that person unless they cheated themselves in and both of them are the type that would be willing, like Billary, to do that.  Warren has proven that she would be willing to cheat and has that past track record and then you have Harris, a retread from Canada who does not have American values since her track record bounces back and forth like a rubber ball.  All of these Democrats want socialism and open borders.

Our country is in a vulnerable position because of the Democrats working the “socialist” railroad to make people think that ‘free stuff” is the way to go.  But there has never been a country in the world up to now that has proven that “socialism” works because sooner than later – they always run out of other people’s money.

In our country, starting with Bush I, these One World Order Groups run by the United Nations who are  not elected officials, ran that train over us by dumbing down our young people to the extinct they have a hard time reading, no writing just printing, and certainly left math behind – and filled their heads with socialism thinking everything can be “FREE” WHICH IS A HOAX – someone has to pay for it.

All they know – their favorite character is “ALEXA or SRI” on their  I-phone, who can answer or give them an answer and saves them from any peril at the moment.  But, if the juice is all used up – then they panic.  What to do – what to do?

As they stated on TV last night – don’t believe what you hear, see, or read, because you do not know if that is the truth.  Truth is hard to come by these days because no one is being held responsible for their crimes.

But, only through the GRACE OF GOD will we get through the state we are now living in which was put on our backs by  OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS and our current President is working 24/7 under hard circumstances to bring us back to reality.

Just hope we wake up from this nightmare by being sensible and voting for the Constitution and not what the Democrat Socialists are offering us AND is not worth two cents – which is called being on our knees and slavery.




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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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