Convention of States Supporter and Patriot,

We continue to build our Veterans Coalition, a grassroots army of veterans who support the Convention of States and citizens for self-governance movements. We are using the Constitution to save the Constitution and exercising our God given-right to self-governance.

We are looking to identify veterans and Convention of States supporters in every American Legion and VFW Post in Texas. There are nearly 800 posts in total.


If you are a veteran, first of all, thank you for your service. As you know, our nation is currently at war domestically. The battleground is fundamentally pro-Constitution vs. anti-Constitution, pro-American vs. anti-American.

There are no sidelines in this war! Thank you for the oath you took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As you know, that oath doesn’t have an expiration date.

PLEASE consider volunteering just a few hours a month and help us reach other veterans and secure their support to help save our country. You can join the Veterans Coalition by clicking here (application for Veterans Coalition Director).

If you are not a veteran, you probably know one or more. Please reach out to them and encourage them to join the coalition. Simply forward this email if it helps.

Additional information on our Veterans Coalition can be found by clicking here. Thank you for your service and support.

For Liberty,

William Ely
Convention of States Texas
State Coalitions Director
Mobile: 832-919-4999
Email: william.ely@cosaction.com

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COS Action


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