To all Patriot Americans:

If you were disheartened by the unbroken cycle of election fraud and corruption, you aren’t alone.

Millions of Americans have expressed outrage at the lack of oversight in the election process, from dead people voting to accusations of illegal hacking.

The American people have lost faith in the process. And perhaps with good reason.

With so much power resting in Washington, D.C., why wouldn’t corrupt elitists try to swing the balance in their favor?

It’s time to put an end to this outrageous abuse of the democratic process. It’s time to rein in the overreaching power of the federal government and remove the incentive for federal election fraud.

We can do it by calling a Convention of States.

By calling an Article V convention, the states would convene to discuss real solutions to this devastating problem–solutions that involve draining the swamp and returning power to the American people.

Solutions that put the nightmare of election hacking and corruption behind us.

We the people deserve better. We deserve fair elections.

Right now, our team is moving into action mode. We’re preparing to file legislation in the requisite states to call a Convention of States. We track all filing deadlines and state legislative calendars in every state of the nation. We know exactly what we need to do and when we need to do it…and that time is upon us.

To accomplish this task, we’ve set the goal of raising $100,000 before December 31st. These funds will allow us to leverage tried-and-true tactics, like generating thousands of constituent petitions and delivering them to legislators right before key votes.

Will you help us move forward towards victory by contributing $50, $100, or even $200?

Give today and every dollar will be matched.

For America,

The Convention of States Action


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