My husband and I use to love to go to the casino for a break and fun. We always treated the casino like going into an expensive restaurant and having an expensive meal. After you leave the restaurant you go home and leave with a full stomach and hours later you have nothing to show for it except being satisfied at the time. That is how we justified visiting any casino.

Following is a good example on how casinos treat people. My opinion of casinos is – you are a victim from the minute you walk into a casino and they are the predator.

My last visit to a casino was at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles, LA. My husband and I were the guest of his sister and we were walking around watching people gamble and observing the various machines. While standing in one area where a person was winning I glanced at the floor and noticed a ticket and picked it up. Someone had dropped this ticket. I showed it to my husband’s sister and my husband. She stated that I should cash it in. I stated maybe we should find a place to turn it in and they both laughed.

We didn’t cash it in but played a few machines with our own money. After a few minutes we were walking away when a group of people surrounded us which included two security people and one in particular approached us and stated “did we have a lost ticket?” It seems the person who lost the ticket had told them I had taken the ticket out of her machine.

He then told me to give him the ticket. I told him “NO” I would not; but, I would give it back to the owner “in person” and that she would have to tell the truth – that I did not take it from her machine; but found it on the floor. And, since they have a camera record – they would see that I picked it up off the floor.

After a period of time they brought the hispanic couple to where we were and I told the casino security man who accused me of stealing the ticket that I would give her the ticket if she would tell the truth that she had lost it and that I did not take it from the machine she had been playing.

She did retell the true story which was that she lost it and I returned the ticket to her.

It was a terrible experience on my part in the manner in which the security men treated us, initially. So, I know how this woman who won $8 million must feel.

After this experience, I do not go into any casino because the caliber of people who work in them give me the impression they are not honest people. My husband’s sister begs us to go back to the Golden Nugget. And, my answer is “NO WAY.” Not the way, they treated us. It was scary and till this day I shudder when I think about this incident which was over a $400 ticket. Just think if it would have been over $8 million.

Good luck to her because she is the victim and casino is the predator.


Casinos are not honest nor are the people who run them. As they state in this article – you are watched as if you were the thief and they are watching to keep you from stealing their money. Some states have it right, if you lose you get a second spin to try to get some of your money back.


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  1. Your sister-in-law gave you the wrong advice. Normally when you find a ticket on the floor, you turn it into lost and found at the cashier’s desk. Make sure more than one cashier sees you turn it in. Those tickets sometimes have the player’s card ID on them if they have a player’s card. They could match the owner with their card. Not sure why the lady said you stole her ticket from the machine unless someone else cleared out her machine and dropped it as litter. Usually you only leave a ticket in a machine if it is under a dollar. Not worth cashing out. Sounds like a mix-up. Most casino workers are honest.


    • Kelly Hamilton says:

      BetterOffWithTrump is wrong. The player’s ID is not on the ticket at the specified casino. Many people were in a group where the ticket was found in the middle of a major aisle. No one, when asked, claimed the ticket. It was not near or beside any machine. As one casino supervisor stated, “Dropped tickets and/or cash happens all the time and usually it’s a ‘finders are keepers’ situation.” The fact that Kommonsentsjane was accused of taking the ticket out of the machine smacked of a dishonest scam by the so-called security man who was not in uniform or had no credentials to show. Were he legitimate security, he would have seen on camera that the ticket was on the floor and nowhere in the vicinity of the machine which supposedly produced the ticket. It’s strange that the woman, herself, didn’t look for the ticket which lay so obviously in the middle of a wide aisle. She was in her room. Furthermore, it’s a roll of the dice, and usually a loser, if you are depending on all employees being honest. I recently lost four folded $20 bills accidentally dropped while pulling other items out of my bag. No one turned it in. You’re naive to think that honesty pervades among gamblers and all casino employees. “Finders keepers, losers weepers” pervades.


      • I don’t believe in finders keepers. Here’s why. Over the years my kids and husband have lost their wallets with their drivers license and cards inside. Remarkably, a week later they were mailed back to us anonymously. It made us so happy. However, I’ve lost jackets at casinos and no one turns them in, so I know there is “finders keepers” which is dishonest. Honesty is still the best policy for me.


  2. Yes, you were fortunate for the return of the billfolds. My sisinlaw left a bottle of expensive wine this past weekend at the casino by her machine. I try not to put anything down while at any machine even your card hooked to the body because it is so easy to leave it.


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