Finally, the mother of all of this corruption during the Obama administration is out and proved this administration was the most lawless in the history of this country.

The IG report proved all of this corruption was at the highest level – starting with the person who was supposed to be the leader – Obama.

The IG report concluded that James Comey disobeyed the law which he was supposed to use to protect the people in this country. The report showed that the top echelon (the seventh floor of the FBI) were working with Obama to turn the election upside down to favor Hillary Clinton. The report proved that these people were ruthless and biased against the American people (according to Hillary Clinton – the deplorables) and the elected Trump campaign before and after.

For FBI Director Wray, with his arrogance showing, to state that all of the employees in the FBI will receive “NON-BIAS TRAINING IS A FARCE.” He covered up when he stated that the report proved “no bias” which is a ball-faced lie. They committed crimes which I call TREASON.

That is not the problem in the FBI. The top echelon of the people have to all be fired – and indicted for crimes committed against the country – Wray should be reassigned. Director Wray was white-washing the whole IG REPORT when he did not admit the failings within this group. Wray’s statement “there was no bias” was false and then he followed that by saying that all of the FBI would be attending a “non-bias class.” Wray cannot continue as the director since he is also tainted by this report. In order to clean house – the top brass have to all be removed and a new director should be selected. If Wray continues – the stench will still be there.

It is important for the Republicans to start demonstrating that something is to take place – like people going to jail for these crimes – a slap on the wrist is not going to get it. We have to make an example of these people who committed these crimes for future generations to understand that if you commit a crime against the country – you do the time in jail.

The Trump voters are tired of all of this talk – and no action. A good example is Manafort who was on house arrest and was put in jail today without any trial. Yet, you have Strzok is still on the job and working in Human Resources in the FBI with access to all classified information. That is a double standard.

Time to fire all of these people and at least put them on house arrest until this investigation is over.


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