June 14/15, 2018

The Democrats, as usual, did a “pile on” yesterday to coincide with the damning IG REPORT. First they send out Ron Howard from Hollyweed to soften the blow. Then they followed that up with:

The New York State attorney general’s office filed a scathingly worded lawsuit on Thursday taking aim at the Donald J. Trump Foundation, accusing the charity and the Trump family of sweeping violations of campaign finance laws, self-dealing and illegal coordination with the presidential campaign. As we know this is not the first “rodeo” when it comes to “fake lawsuits for the Prez.” His reply – BRING IT ON!

As we know the New York State AG’s office is in the middle of a mess right know with the former AG being kicked out of office because he was guilty of hitting on the #METOO movement.

And, now, back to the Howard funny farm.

Ron Howard is seeking publicity for his new movie, so he is using America’s – MAGA – as his bargaining chip.

When will this democrat cult learn – they are tarnished goods and have a disease which is not curable?


Provided by Fox News

Ron Howard had a question on his mind about President Trump’s famous slogan.

Ron Howard has one question on his mind, and it has nothing to do with his latest film, “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

The only reason Howard is opening his mouth is to get attention for his latest film.

“Honest question to #MAGA minders,” the 64-year-old tweeted Thursday. “When was America at its greatest? Can you tell me an era that reflects the ‘Again’ that you hope to return to?”


That is easy to answer:

The again is any time that the Clinton’s and Obama’s are not in the picture.

Howard is rich now; but, in his earlier days when he was young, struggling as an actor and played in Happy Days – God, baseball, apple pie, and America days series with mom and pop – everything was honky dory then. Now that he is old and infected with the liberal disease – he takes Hollyweeds’ bitter pills and is part of the cult.

Howard knows the only way you work/money in Hollyweed is to be a part of this liberal disease. At least conservatives have a slogan which I can prove and the only slogan liberals have is “hate”. The only God the liberals have is – money.


The Oscar-winning filmmaker and former “Happy Days” actor quickly started a conversation with users who had different opinions of President Trump’s famous slogan.

“Tell me yours Ron, we are about the same age!” one user responded.

“Mine is the Ronald Reagan 8 years! Economic growth! Stability! People were happy to talk about GOD in a positive mode! The World hates Christians & GOD! Love killing, especially babies! It’s all about me generation instead of GOD!”

“Any time before Obama,” chimed another.

“I would say prob after WWII” added one user.

“My dad and I have had heated conversations around this,” explained a user. “He believes it’s bringing back manufacturing because everyone has a job and you didn’t need a college degree. Which at least my kids don’t want. They want tiny houses and no debt.”

But some used the open question to criticize the current administration.

“I don’t think this is really much about politics,” tweeted one user.

“It’s about a huge cohort of old people who are scared and confused about a changing world, and resentful that privileges they once took for granted seem to be disappearing. Fear mongering media drums this message,”

“I’d like to know that too Ron,” said another. “For all of us outside of America, we’ve been questioning the ‘again’ all along. When was this golden age?”

“So the era of McCarthyism, segregation, limited women’s rights, the growth of the US Military industrial complex, and the repression of the LGTBQ communities,” tweeted a user. “Exactly. Trumper’s want to return to the decade of unchecked straight, white, male power.”

Out of all the responses Howard received, he retweeted one comment that read, “I know personally I had more money under bill Clinton then any other president.”

Howard pointed out the opinion about post-WWII.

“I always assume that, too,” he explained. “A time when most other economies were in a shattered state, so our dominance was clear and there was little global market competition. Taxes were high (90% top bracket) so there was infrastructure money to work with and the war economy continued.”

(And, why was that so – because Newt Gingrich and the Republicans were in charge and helped make Clinton look good.
Newt Gingrich: Contract with America and speaker of the House. …for helping draft the “Contract with America,” a document outlining legislation to be enacted by the House within the first 100 days of the 104th Congress.)

This isn’t the first time Howard has spoken out about Trump. After the 2017 Golden Globes where Meryl Streep delivered a speech that condemned the president, Trump took to Twitter and characterized her as an “over-rated actress.”

Soon after Howard addressed Trump’s comment on Twitter.

“Trump was a reality tv star spouting criticisms of a president & reinforcing the Birther Lie,” he tweeted. “but now celebs should b muzzled?

Trump takes the bait & calls #MerylStreep overrated?! Please Pres-Elect. Don’t make this into the WWF which is fun but not presidential.

Trump used his fame to speak out on issues years before he ran 4 office. Why was he allowed & Ms Streep should keep quiet. No hypocrisy pls.”


Let’s talk about hypocrisy – since Howard brought up the birther lie – if it is not a lie why did Obama spend millions using a lawyer whose reward was a job as a Supreme Court Judge to hide his credentials. Howard needs to make a movie about the fact that Obama is the only president in history that doesn’t have the facts on the table about who he is and now is a traitor to this country.

I don’t think the Prez ask Streep to keep quiet. Why shouldn’t he defend himself when Streep attacked him.

Howard started this street fight to get free advertisement. Plus, each day the Dem’s have talking points and take turns bashing the President – today was Howard’s and NY AG’s turn .

Oh! come on Howard you can do better than that to get publicity by using MAGA as your fall guy. What a ruse – typical liberal!



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