A notice to all Americans:


Those people on the right side of the photo of our President have been working to take over the presidency before and after the inauguration and caused Americans a lot of grief for eight years under Obama. It is time to choose freedom or loss of freedom under those people.

As we all now know after the IG REPORT yesterday – big time corruption has occurred in the Democratic Party cult which started at the top with Obama and trickled down through the DOJ/FBI and included the entire main street media who were being paid by GEORGE SOROS in addition to their regular salaries.

We do know that the Elite Repub’s – Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell – were also on this cult side in regards to immigration by overloading the country with illegals who would out vote us.

Therefore in the fall election – we have to TURN OUT THE VOTE to kill this cult and vote people in who support our Constitution.

There are more reports to come to prove my point.





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