KOMMONSENTSJANE – The War on Whitey: How “Education” Is Fanning the Flames of Racial Division. Posted by Micky/Daisy Luther

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Time to teach “unity” not diversity.


Stop White Genocide.

Daisy Luther — daisyluther.com Dec 22, 2016

Across the country, schools are causing even more racial division by teaching kids that being white isn’t okay.

From kindergarten through college, kids are being shamed because of their “privilege.” They’re being taught to feel guilty about their race. The education system is brainwashing them into believing that by simply being born to white parents, they are the problem with society. At the same time, by referring to white kids as “privileged,” isn’t it teaching black kids that they are without privilege? That they are somehow born “lesser” to the white kids? That they require some sort of special treatment?

Both of these things are completely unacceptable.

To point out the insane double standard, I thought it might be fun to do an experiment.

I looked for quotes and curriculum that denounce whiteness, and then I switched the around the races. It’s pretty…

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