KOMMONSENTSJANE – DEAR BLACK PEOPLE: ‘Dear White People’ Director And Star Break Down Why Black People Can’t Be Racist — Fellowship of the Minds

Of course there is no double standard in the eyes of these folks. That irony is as rich as their lack of self-awareness. From HuffPo: Netflix’s “Dear White People” has been described as a strong modern-day take on race that is both clever and dynamic in its approach. The show, directed by Justin Simien, was adapted […]

via ‘Dear White People’ Director And Star Break Down Why Black People Can’t Be Racist — Fellowship of the Minds

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Dear Black People:

For years the cry has been – the blacks wanted equality. SO, now that we are there in all frame works of life – they have decided even that is not good enough for them. Now they state “racism doesn’t apply to them?”  Why not – if they want everything to be equal?  They have to understand the laws of average are the same for everyone – rich or poor.  So let’s move on with life and quit quibbling and picking and choosing what part of society you want.  You have equality – so take it by the horns and move on.  Life doesn’t pick winners and losers – each person decides for themselves by their decision – so don’t give us this crap – that blacks can’t be racists – sure you can – I see it every day just like you do on both sides of the fence.

By the way, if you want to be equal – pick up that work ethic and let’s move on together cause we are wasting time if – WE ARE GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

God’s children are all colors.



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