Originally posted on The Foxhole: Surprise. From Pam Geller MANCHESTER — CBS News can now confirm authorities believe the suspect responsible for the deadly Manchester Arena attack is 23-year-old Salman Abedi. Authorities said the suspect is known to them, but wouldn’t release further details…. A second 23-year-old was also arrested Tuesday in South Manchester. Monday… via […]


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Goody, goody, gum  drop – the terrorist suspect was known by the authorities.  Doesn’t look like they were watching him very closely.

The problem in Europe is – the politician’s mind set is that Europeans are going to have to die in order for them to integrate these terrorists into their society – which is happening over and over.  As long as it is not the politician’s family it doesn’t matter to them

They continue with this same old story – well, he was on the radar or a better one is – we have his file which shows he is a terrorists but we just didn’t have enough to arrest him –  is the one used most often.

Europe has “NO GO AREAS” now where women aren’t safe on the streets – yet, police are all over the place.  So, what is with this?

It is time for the European government to get its act together and stand up for its citizens not these terrorists.  They are not going to change the terrorists mind-set because the citizens won’t outlive the terrorists.

What is the government waiting for – the terrorists to kill all of the citizens and then they can take over?  Bunch of cowards from my point of view – but they always have been.  They are just too lazy to take a stance.

Where was the security at the venue for these young girls?  Time for the citizens to make noise and vote these sissies out of office.  How many killings will it take?



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