KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO GOP Facing Violence, Death Threats -Trump Needs To Keep His Promises To Stay In Office – Second Revolution — Reclaim Our Republic


GOP Facing Violence, Death Threats From Left-Wing Activists NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images 21 May 2017 by Adam Shaw Republicans going home to talk to their constituents are facing violence and death threats, with some lawmakers upping security at town hall events — a consequence of a culture of violence being fostered by left-wing activists and their […]

via VIDEO GOP Facing Violence, Death Threats -Trump Needs To Keep His Promises To Stay In Office – Second Revolution — Reclaim Our Republic

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Our congressmen and senators need to have more organized events WITH SECURITY.  The disruptions at the events are being staged by the Democratic Party with the help of Soros’ money by paying these people.

May I suggest some form of the following ideas be implemented for future “town hall” meetings: They should be just that, attended by citizens from the area that particular congressman represents.
Why not check ID to make sure those constituents have primary access near the podium and the earliest opportunities to ask questions of their congressman? Those not from the represented area may have access to the venue but may ask questions only after those represented.
Anyone violating respect for the congressman or the represented citizens will be escorted out, revealing that they obviously are there to disrupt. Just a thought for “unruly crowd”control.

The EPIC MUSLIM/COMMUNISTS SOROS/OBAMA underground government is working hard to steal the next election.  I hope our commission who is working on voter fraud can finish their investigation and prove to the citizens that our elections have been rigged for years and nothing has been done about it.

It is time for a VOTER’S ID WITH FINGER PRINT – if we are going to be serious and honest about our elections.  We know the politicians aren’t – they just want to win whether it is by “hook or crook.”


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