Why We Should be Thankful President Obama is Gone

When is an “underdog” actually just a loser? Maybe when his name is President Barack Obama.

As Charles Krauthammer remarks in this incisive clip, Obama is perhaps best known for cloaking himself in the mantle of the underdog, or as a “champion of the people” — when in fact, the positions he represented or advocated went against the will of the people in many, many cases.
A good case in point would be transgender bathrooms. While only .04 percent of the population identifies as transgender and only 25 percent of the population believes that citizens should be able to use single-sex bathrooms based merely on the gender they identify with, President Obama took it upon himself to make the claim that transgender-accessible bathrooms would be the savior of all mankind and an incredible redeemer of social ills great and small.

But as Target stores found out the hard way, imposing unpopular policies on one’s patrons can have extremely negative consequences (both financially and in terms of goodwill).
Krauthammer is absolutely right in saying that the U.S. as a nation should be glad for Obama’s disappearance from the national stage. Unfortunately for voters, Washington doesn’t have the equivalent of Hollywood’s “so bad, they’re good”-style actors; in Washington, bad is just bad.

Watch as Krauthammer makes the case that we’re now much better off.




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