Loretta Lynch is Toast! Email Proves She Protected Hillary in Investigation into her Emails



It’s all coming apart. The whole scheme of ex-President Obama to protect Hillary Clinton via Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey is finally unraveling. Now, Comey has been fired by President Trump in the wake of his refusal to answer questions regarding damning Democratic Party emails and memos.
These documents talked about Lynch, assuring recipients that Lynch was making sure Comey’s investigation into Clinton wouldn’t “go too far.” That means that Lynch was patently supporting the Clintons the whole time and that Comey was her loyal servant.

Trump was entirely right to fire Comey. It’s Lynch and Obama who now ought to be most concerned. They’re no longer in office, so the threat of being fired doesn’t apply, which means that any punitive action will likely be much more severe — it could result in jail time in the worst case.

With Comey’s firing, Trump may finally be acknowledging that letting one’s enemies (Obama, Clinton, globalists) continue to fire away without firing back is dangerous. Just the fact that progressives are baying for Trump’s blood and that there’s been nearly a nonstop cry for Trump’s impeachment since the election adds a pressure to the job of the president that he doesn’t need.

If Lynch, Obama or Clinton are called to testify in front of Congressional committees, perhaps Democrats will get the idea that it doesn’t pay to play dirty with President Trump. One way or the other, temperatures are going to heat up in Washington.

Watch as a compelling argument is made against Lynch in this hard-hitting clip.




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