Debunks Comey memo claim! http://redstatewatcher.com/article.asp?id=78808

via BRIT HUME ON COMEY — Arlin Report

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Why are the Democrats working so hard to keep the U.S. and Trump from working together for the good of the world.  There is only one reason – they are taking orders from the underground Obama a$$hole muslims who are tied to the hip with the ISIS REBELS.  They know if the U.S. and Russia hook up to fight the muslims – they don’t stand a chance.  We have to understand the Democrats are muslims.

The Democrats are communist/muslims.  Obama’s entire government was staffed with muslims and nothing has changed.

The President must clean out the White House of all of the Obama holdovers or he will continue to have these leaks.  Surely he realizes this?


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