KOMMONSENTSJANE -Valentine’s Day and the meaning of true love.

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January 1, 2020



Valentine’s Day is the day when TV commercials nag men to buy roses, candy, and jewelry for their wives or girl friends. But did you know that the day is named after a real person, St. Valentine? At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in the early martyrologies.

The True Meaning Of Valentine’s Day

Keep a boundary between love and money.
by Katelyn Kaczkowski

University at Albany, SUNY Feb 16, 2016

Once a year, around the beginning of February, the television is flooded with commercials advertising countless varieties of candy, jewelry, and flowers. Valentine’s Day is approaching and the colorful promotions serve as a constant reminder not to forget to pick out the perfect gift for your significant other. However, has the persistent marketing of heart shaped chocolates and diamond necklaces become more about money than it has about your partner? On a day like Valentine’s Day, which is so dominated by publicity and merchandise, it is important to remember what the holiday is truly about.

As appealing as Valentine’s Day Ads may be, they create a never-ending cycle of “wanting.” Unfortunately, in today’s society, this cycle is especially prevalent in younger generations. We have hit a period where material possessions hold the ultimate meaning. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been seen as a holiday that is more so geared towards women. Sadly, the modern day translation of this has become girls posting their copious amounts of gifts all over social media, silently trying to out-do one another. Valentine’s Day has set an unrealistic standard of expectations for the men of this generation to live up to, as women, specifically those who are of high school and college age, are expecting more and more.


The amount of money someone that spends on you is in no way an indicator of the love that they possess for you.

Valentine’s Day is not about presents or monetary value. Shame on our generation for making it so. By shelling out money into material objects, the industry has exploded. Advertisements for companies such as Hallmark have only grown because we have allowed them to. In no way am I saying that it is wrong for a boyfriend to spoil their girlfriend or for a girlfriend to shower their boyfriend in gifts as well. Personally, I make it my goal to get my boyfriend something that he will truly love for every holiday. However, I do not do so because of a standard that society has set for me. I do so because I appreciate him and I want nothing more than to make him happy. I do this without the amount of money in mind, as I know that he will value anything that I do for him and that is what Valentine’s day, and love, is really about.


Love does not hold a monetary value. It is not measured by how many flowers you receive, how large your box of chocolates is, or the carats in your necklace. It is about the bond that is shared between two individuals and celebrating its importance. This Valentine’s Day, and for all Valentine’s Days after, I challenge you to disregard material possessions and acknowledge that the gift of love holds a far greater value in and of itself. You should appreciate the people in your life on every day of the year, not just because the calendar told you to.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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