These people know how the Democrats and the Media work their dirt – so why would they be surprised.

Small Town Trump Voters Unfazed by White House Drama

NBC News

Vaughn Hillyard

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio – As questions swirl around what President Donald Trump knew about his former national security adviser’s communications with Russia and vulnerability to blackmail and when he knew it, Trump’s supporters remain hopeful that the president will deliver on the campaign promises that matter most to them.

“I didn’t like that it happened, but it did — and you’ve got to move on,” said Jerry Leist, a retired farmer in the area, of Gen. Michael Flynn’s abrupt Monday night resignation. “Am I concerned about it? Not nearly as concerned as I am about other things — jobs, immigration, other things. That’s way above Russia, which will always be a problem.”

Joyce Tatro-Manes, a middle school math teacher who backed Trump in November, told NBC News on Tuesday that her hopes for Trump’s presidency had not changed since the Flynn story broke. However, she said she worries that Trump “is not going to be able to do all these great things that he promised if he’s mired in controversy.”

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Many residents of Circleville, with its population of 13,000, found hope in a jobs agenda that Trump promised would lift up hurting rural and industrial towns like theirs. Four years ago, Mitt Romney won this county — Pickaway County — by 19 percentage points. Trump beat out Democrat Hillary Clinton by 42 percent.

Over the past few days, a number of the president’s supporters told NBC News that they remain confident that he will deliver on the campaign promise that earned their vote, echoing a sentiment that prevailed among his voters during Trump’s tumultuous campaign,

“I think that when Donald Trump said he was going to bring more jobs, people genuinely believed him — because he really does usually do what he says,” Tatro-Manes said this weekend from the sideline of her third-grade daughter’s basketball game at Circleville’s elementary school. She calls herself a lifelong Democrat and is the daughter of union members.

“To vote Republican in an election like this was a huge deal for me,” she added.

“You couldn’t believe it?” she said, turning to her husband, Dan Manes. He, with an acknowledging grin and shoulder shrug, replied: “I couldn’t believe it.”

The people in the town won’t regret it; but, the voters who voted Trump in now have to stand behind him because we have Obama and his minions causing lots of trouble and we have to stand up and put these people down because they are trying to make him look bad because the Democrats lost and it is killing them.

Write your Congressman and Senator and tell them to get behind the President and help him – which they are not doing.  If mine don’t, I am going to vote for the other candidates.



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    I’m from Ohio we most of us are very onto what the media is doing and we are 100% for trump.


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