It is good to keep your employees informed; but, information overload is not good.  We have a new government who is working 24/7 to turn our country around due to the destruction of the prior administration left our country.

As one of our doctors told me after I related something one of the workers told me, his reply to me was –  it was a case of “TMI.”  My question to him was, what is TMI – TOO MUCH INFORMATION.  Case closed!

That is exactly what is going on in our government – TMI.

Surely the Trump administration knows the media is not going to give the new administration a break – NATA.  A good example is Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer – we don’t need a blow by blow account on what is going on or in real time.  My suggestion would be to video events and once a day run the video with the various people.  Review the old news days when you would see the latest news in the theaters.

Only publicize live major events in real time – a foreign visitor.  Remember familiarity breeds contempt and that is what is happening with the main street media.

And lastly, the person from the agency who leaked the Mike Flynn information to the media should be sent to prison.  Flynn should have been fired for his part.  But, the White House is fighting too many fires when they could be productive doing the important work of the people.  The Democrats are doing all of this rambling to stop progress just like they have been doing for eight years.

Surely people understand the foreign media and the Democrats’ intelligence is missing in a lot of cases and it is showing.



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