It is about time that someone cut this man down to size.  He has contributed to so much destruction in the U.S. – Baltimore, MD and Ferguson, MO.  and the world by paying people to riot.  He is paying for Black Lives Matters group and pays protesters to riot and destroy property.

Obama’s government were in cahoots with Soros so nothing was ever done because our country was lawless and not following the Constitution.  Now with our new government they are arresting these protesters but Soros is paying their fines according to the protesters.

Movement to Stop Billionaire George Soros Grows in Europe

George Soros is one of the most controversial individuals not only in the United States, but in the entire world. On one hand, some of the donations this billionaire makes seem to go to on-the-level non-profit organizations (although many of these are extremely left leaning groups).

On the other hand, he continually attempts to influence elections, create rallies that disrupt order in the United States, and fund social justice groups that often incite violence not just in the U.S., but around the globe.

Preventing him from doing potentially shady activities in the United States has proven extremely difficult, as the liberal left supports his efforts, even though much of what he does is not on the level. However, there is now a movement spreading throughout Europe that is trying to stop him.

George Soros is originally from Hungary. While he now lives in the United States, he still attempts to influence not only the Hungarian government, but governments throughout Europe. Soros was behind many of the anti-Trump protests in the United States as well (which not only he funded but it cost the American tax-payers millions of dollars for extra police security throughout the country).

In order to prevent potential influence from George Soros in Hungary and other nations in Europe, a ban on all billionaire funded groups is currently being considered. Could this be the law that finally topples George Soros?

Watch the video to find out.



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