Now this is the way  protestors need to be treated when they try to shut down traffic.

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Anti-Trump Protestors Get Owned by Police—Finally!

The idea of a “peaceful protest” is almost no longer a thing. Just look at what happened a week ago on the campus of U.C. Berkley. Protestors did not like a conservative speaker, someone who was coming on campus to talk about freedom of speech, and their protests quickly turned into riots, with the smashing of storefronts and the burning of property.

Most citizens in the United States understand the importance of peaceful protests. Citizens have the right to voice their opinions, whatever the opinions may be. However, they don’t have the right to cause harm, to destroy public and private property and to assault others around them. This crosses a line in the sand. It is why President Donald Trump tweeted a question to the American public asking if he should pull federal funding from U.C. Berkley for the actions.

Trump protestors continue to appear around the country. If someone wishes to protest this is their right, but many are preventing the hard working Americans around the nation from getting to work and doing their own job.

This occurred recently in Portland, and the Portland Police Department acted quickly in order to crack down on any potentially violent outbreaks by snuffing out the protests before it could turn violent. It is always easier to put out a fire when it is a candle, before it has lit the house ablaze.

How did the Portland police put out this potentially violent protest? Click below to watch Portland police lay the smack down on anti-Trump protestors.

It is about time, thank you!



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