Thank goodness Trump is President.  Just think if the opposite would have happened.  By now we would be saluting a crook and liar.  And our religion, according to what she said,  would be changed.

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Trump IS President?

By now, you have seen the trending hashtag “#notmypresident” appear over the Internet. Essentially, hundreds of thousands of Democrats and liberals have used this hashtag on their social media accounts to indicate Donald Trump their dislike of President Trump.

Whether they want to admit it or not, Donald Trump is President of the United States, and no trending hashtag can change this. But is Donald Trump actually president, or is there something more sinister working behind the scenes?

Hundreds of headlines have run in formerly credible newspapers and websites stating Russia hacked the election. This has been proven completely fraudulent as no American voting system is actually connected to the Internet (computer based tailing systems are controlled internally and would have to be hacked inside every voting location).

Donald Trump has come out to say millions of illegal votes were cast for Hillary Clinton, for which liberals have cried and bickered about (yet they fail to see the irony of the situation as President Trump essentially called their bluff as there is realistically more likely voter fraud internally than a Russian hack externally). Beyond all of this though, is Donald Trump simply a cog in a much larger, invisible machine?

The liberal left has shifted the blame of its failed campaign to Russia and outside sources. While hackers did release information regarding the Democratic Party, this information showcased how the DNC essentially derailed the campaign of Bernie Sanders. This ultimately de-legitimizes the entire campaign run by Hillary Clinton in the primary election, a phrase heads of the DNC like to throw around in regards to Donald Trump as president.

While the DNC and the liberal media has a hard time accepting Donald Trump, he is actually the president? This video will help answer that question.


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  1. Centinel2012 says:

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    Trump won the election for two reasons, first he understood the mode of the citizens, two he understood who was against him, three he understood the mechanics of getting elected (i.e. the constitution); therefore he devised a process to win and it worked because he understood who was against him (and the people) and took appropriate actions.


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