The internet is abuzz about the beheading by the ISIS of the journalist.  Does this surprise anyone?  All of us know these people are subhuman and reveille in masochism.  They are even below the stature of an animal.  Even animals know the laws of the jungle.  As has been noted these people are “retarded” and are in the category of an imbecile.  All of us have dealt with people who are retarded.  You cannot reason or deal with them.  Their mental capacity is just not there.  The bulk of these people entertain an IQ of  below 70.  When people start beheading people, then you know their mental capacity is not there for reasoning.

 We must use force against these people now because if we let this ethnic group continue this violence it will only  continue to fester. As we all know, they kill their own without any human feelings so why does anyone think killing others is any big deal for these people.  The world has incorporated these people into their countries and we have to face the fact that we now have to deal with them.  There is no reasoning level for these people because “the brain just isn’t there.”  Whether it is in Ferguson, MO, or Iraq, we just have to deal with it NOW!  Just think, what does the world do when we have a rabid dog, especially if they have bitten someone?  


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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