August 19, 2014

As we can see, there are people in Ferguson, MO, who are not participating with the marchers and do  not live in the town. They are in the distance just waiting for the looting time to start.   These people are being bused into Ferguson.  They loot and then leave the town with the spoils and go back  to where they came from.  If they don’t live there – they don’t need to be there at this time.  Or did they come for a vacation and this is how they get their jollies by destroying cities.  How much are they getting paid to do this?  The marchers should help the police and stop the looters instead of standing by – why  not just run them out-of-town. The next step should be for all of the marchers to have a green space for their marches away from the businesses. They should be issued badges in order to participate.  It is strange the people in these towns always destroy their own cities – am I missing something here?  Where is the civilized society?

The other thing about all of this ruckus is that do you think the Socialist Democrats are  using this killing to rally the cry of the base to pit people against people for the November, 2014 election.   It seems strange the top echelon would become so involved when this is one crime and in Chicago and New York there were lots of people killed this past weekend and I don’t see the FBI heading for those cities.

August 18, 2014   

Which ten cities in the U.S. are the most dangerous?  In accordance to Forbes the following cities are the most dangerous.  The formula they used in choosing the cities started with the FBI’s  Crime Statistics database and the population used was above 200,000.  The city of  Flint, Michigan, even with a record-busting rate of 63 per 100,000, was eliminated from the count because the focus was on major American cities that had full-fledged police departments.  The cities are listed from one to ten.  

(1)  Detroit, Michigan;  (2)  Oakland, California;  (3)  St. Louis, Missouri;  (4)  Memphis, Tennessee; (5)  Stockton, California; (6)  Birmingham, Alabama;  (7)  Baltimore, Maryland;  (8)  Cleveland, Ohio;  (9)  Atlanta, Georgia; (10)  Milwaukee, Wisconsin  

As you can tell St. Louis, Missouri, is number three on the list.  This should explain to the country the amount of violence being experienced.  Watching the news tells me that the marchers on the streets in which Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis need to be checked out to see if they are citizens or are these people being bused in from other cities to cause problems.  The one thing I see missing is a committee with a make-up of the people from this group of protestors/marchers.  The Chairman of this group should receive a call at least once a day for an update from the city and pass this information on to the protestors.  Next, this group needs to sit down with the city council representatives and give the city a list of the things they are protesting which would include:

(1)  Furnishing  a copy of the autopsy and police report as soon as possible – if more than one autopsy is performed than they should be reviewed by the examiners and come to one conclusion – if you give out all three and each have a different version – that will cause more confusion.  A date should be established as to when the data will be available.  

(2)  Police force representation – test and hire more black officers to represent the town.  Two-thirds of the town’s 21,000-strong population are black.  Only three black policeman are on the force out of 53,  

(3) Improve race relations – In my opinion, race relations in America has improved every year, and the main street media will not admit that it has.  A lot of people make a lot of money to keep this subject on the burner and does everything they can to stoke the fires of race.  Race relations are not perfect or that racial disparity does not exist; and, inequality and racism do exist and some forms of it will always exist.  But the equality of opportunity for blacks, whites, Asians, and Hispanics is progressing every year.  But, the elite media always  react bitterly to this news.  The people who continue to stoke the race fires are always the ones who continue to call for a frank conversation on race in this country; but, in the end, this same media always rewards commentators who reject any conversation or dialogue on this subject.  The statics prove this same media wrong!


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