In America,  some of the  women continue  to play the harp about “violence against women in America.”  Throughout the world we have this same picture show and no one wants to address it.  We are surprised and horrified about the recent beheading of a journalist!  Why?  This happens in the Muslim world every day where they kill their own.  Just recently in the United Kingdom a recent horrific death largely was unreported.  A 25-year old woman was stabbed to death by her own father.  Just look how many we have had in the United States.  The women outside the Muslim world feed on the theory, “violence against women – it’s not my culture.”  That might be true; but,  if this is allowed in the countries these people are migrating – what is to say, it won’t affect that country sooner or later?

 We must speak for all women in the world that this is not acceptable regardless of it being a Muslim “thing.”  We must protect all women and teach them that killing their own is not a “Muslim” thing – religious or not. No God would teach this!  The United Nations statistics show that 5,000 to 20,000 honor killings each year have been recorded.   Does this tell you the mentality of the Muslim world!  This must be stopped if  not by the United Nations – then we have to look to each country to stop this genocide.


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