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Whoever is putting him in this position is endangering our country?


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Joe Biden’s trainwreck presidency is lurching onward, thanks in part to detailed “cheat sheets” that spell out where he is, who he’s supposed to talk to, what he’s supposed to say and where he’s supposed to sit.

On Sunday, Fox News’ “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-hosts Pete Hegseth and Will Cain took an inside look at the disturbing cheat sheets, talking points and clear-cut directions the 80-year-old Democrat has relied on for the past three years.

The itemized instructions to navigateBidenthrough public events appear to be written for either a clueless child or an oblivious elderly person.

“Here’s the latest: This was from this week at the G-7 Summit,” Cain said, pointing to a blown-up sheet on the TV screen. “He essentially had what amounted to a full transcript for the speech that he gave at the G-7.”

This weekend, Biden attended theGroup of Seven…

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