KOMMONSENTSJANE – Chicago Goes Full Marxist With Election of Mayor Johnson

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We will see HOW far they will go without the Police. This didn’t last very long in other cities where it was tried.

When people could not get any help – they found out they needed a structured Police force to protect them AND NOT A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER LIKE OBAMA TO PROTECT THEM.

We shall see – we shall see?


BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!


More heart warming news today.  If anyone thought Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot was too far left, try this fine fellow out. Be careful what you wish for. Chicago was a nice place not so long ago. The end of it coming soon. Wisconsin adds to the joy with the leftist Janet Protasiewicz winning the Supreme court seat giving the Dems the majority for the first time in 15 years.


Brandon Johnson wins the Chicago mayoral race in Illinois.

Race called by The Associated Press.

Latest results from 12:25 AM ET

race called.

Brandon Johnson
Paul Vallas
Total reported


All you need to know.



Brandon Johnson has won the Chicago mayoral election against moderate Democrat Paul Vallas. Johnson calls for removing…

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  1. They may as well have kept Lightfoot.


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