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Former President Barack Obama did not help Black people as much as he should have when he was in office (even some white people believe he could have done more for Black people). However, he helped the sodomites/homosexuals, yea, the LGBTQQIPF2SAA+ (WHICH STANDS FOR LESBIAN-GAY-BI-SEXUAL-TRANSGENDER-QUEER-QUESTIONING-INTERSEX-PANSEXUAL-FURRIES-TWO-SPIRIT-ASEXUAL-ALLY + PLUS OTHER LEGIONS OF DEMONS — we believe even Obama did not know all of these strange characters were going to come to the sodomite/homosexual party); now he is hurting Black people in his hometown on the Southside of Chicago. Chicago Southside residents say they are being painfully displaced by the Obama Presidential Center Library.

Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, says Black people are generally very loyal to a Black leader almost to a fault, so you have to be hurting them very badly for them to cry out in pain, anger, and protest when the first and only Black president is constantly catching flack from Black residents. Where is Rev. Al Sharpton when you need him? Black people rose up against Obama because they had been hurt and disappointed by him before. The truth is these people would not even let him build the library in their area if it was not for the magnificent former first lady Michelle Obama. So why this Obama curse? It is because Obama defied God Almighty and is responsible for introducing to America and the world the ordaining and sanctioning of homosexuality and homosexual marriage,

which has led to total disaster in our country and worldwide. In addition, he shamed the Black church and lied to the White church to commit the worst presidential abomination in the history of America and the world. He also shamed and belittled the continent where his father came from and where he came from — Africa. Obama even threatened to take away aid from African nations if they did not allow homosexuals to do their filth. Thank God, most African countries did not yield to Obama’s threats, nor have they yielded to America’s threats, England’s threats, Europe’s threats, the threats of the American Evangelical Church, the American Protestant Church, the Catholic Church, the Church of England, or the Scottish Church. Now Africa leads the world in fighting against this abomination — the abomination of homosexuality — which, if it continues, will destroy the world. In fact, Uganda stood tall today and outlawed the abomination of homosexuality.



Well, what a nice change in the air. At least, the new mayor has his priorities straight and put Obama in the proper box. Hopefully, the killings in the city will slow down. The funeral homes are making a killing, pardon the pun.

Let’s see how far left he goes with God by his side?

Congrats to the new mayor, hopefully, the city will return to being called “the windy city” and NOT – THE KILLING FIELDS. Question – what did Obama do for Chicago, except take their park away and will use it for his library?


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Are we going to continue being complacent and continue to allow this country to be turned over to these people who are ruining our country? It is time for the Congress/Supreme Court to do their job.

A scary Obituary

The people deserve better.

Time will tell!


FOX News
Chicago paper is stunned new mayor honored God but not Obama
Opinion by Alexander Hall • 3h ago

The Chicago Tribune congratulated Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson Wednesday, but balked at his lack of praise for former President Barack Obama, whose political rise began in their city, despite acknowledging God.

Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson speaks at election night victory event.

The Tribune editorial board hailed “Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson” as the incoming 57th mayor of Chicago, noting he is an “inspiring orator” and claiming, “This will be a City Hall first for most Chicagoans.” The paper praised his charisma on stage as a “quality that many of Johnson’s predecessors in the office have lacked,” but said one aspect of his acceptance speech was noticeably missing.

“He found a place for God, but not, strikingly, for Barack Obama, inarguably the most important leader this city ever has produced,” the editorial board wrote. “The omission was telling, a reminder that the progressive movement of which Johnson now is a Midwest standard-bearer, feels ambivalent about the former Chicago community organizer and his more pragmatic legacy.”


The editorial then noted how long ago Obama’s rise to power was, to the point many young Democratic voters vaguely remember it.

“The city, and the nation, have traveled far away from 2004, when Obama delivered the unforgettable keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in front of 9 million viewers and began his meteoric rise,” The Tribune recalled. “Many of Johnson’s most enthusiastic voters were still in middle school.”

The Chicago news outlet also observed Johnson’s progressive bona fides, both in how they secured his rise to power and how they will likely be what drives his administration.

“How did Johnson triumph in the runoff? Some factors are obvious,” The Tribune wrote. “The Chicago Teachers Union, which had supported his campaign to an extraordinary extent, continued its legendary ground game, getting out the vote, or at least the right votes from the union’s point of view.”
Brandon Johnson won the Chicago mayoral race against fellow Democrat Paul Vallas, representing a win for progressives.

Brandon Johnson won the Chicago mayoral race against fellow Democrat Paul Vallas, representing a win for progressives.

The paper added, “his sense of his own place in history is a significant part of why he will become mayor of a great American city atop what is likely to be the most progressive administration in its history.”


Now, we shall see with God at his side – how far left will he go?


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