KOMMONSENTSJANE – Treasonous Gen. Milley Claims Ukraine’s “an Important National Interest” – as US Is Invaded | Independent Sentinel

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What’s going on with our leftists’ politicians/Milley? These folks are not minding the U.S. southern borders but are concerned about Ukraine’s borders. Where are they missing the boat on this one?

The Southern border of the U.S. is open to the whole world and that is not a concern with Milley and he wasn’t concerned about the Capital when the President asked for military aid weeks before/that night – but Pelosi had a different agenda for Jan6 in order to blame the President – which they have.  So here we are in a Milley quagmire of sorts. Is the National Guard or the Military responsible for our country: So which is it?  Because it looks like neither one is interested in the job and the Border Patrol’s hands are hog-tied.  Maybe the Supreme Court needs to speak up since the government seems confused?

Whose job is it to keep the American People safe – which is not happening and someone is derelict in their duty?

Russia was in Afghanistan for 20 years and left and then the U.S. went in and the same thing happened (corruption on a grade scale).  Leaving Afghanistan has to be investigated. It seems “being at war” IS a money-maker for the officials because neither side ever wins.

The outcome is always the same – a lot of dead and disabled soldiers and politicians pockets lined with money. We have to change this pattern. Look at Ukraine and how much money is in the pockets of the Democrats and Elites. That is one main reason the left keeps persecuting President Trump. They know if he is/was elected in 2020 we wouldn’t be sitting on the brink of destroying our own country AT THIS POINT.

One question is – why does the One World Order want China to be in charge? Don’t they know if China is the leader with their communism and yen –  that all of you folks would be in the same boat that the Uighurs are in – which is prison. Communism does not have ANY FREEDOMS.
If you don’t toe the mark – you disappear.  Does Milley think he will still be in charge of the Military if China is the leader of the whole communist world?

Remember the U.S. is the only supposedly “free” country” in the left’s fairy tales.  At this point, with the Obama/Rice/Biden’s fake government we are not following the Constitution – they just make up the rules each day.

Is the world that stupid?

Time for the world to “cut the butter” and put these people in the frying pan and then watch them sizzle.


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General Mark Milley, leader of the Afghanistan debacle, said at a hearing on Wednesday that President Joe Biden had been “very clear” about the end state of the Ukraine War. The end state is when they’re free. As millions of anonymous people illegally pour through the US border, Milley said Ukraine is “an important national interest that’s fundamental to” EU and US security.

Ukraine will have security while we have none. People suspect this is another Vietnam War or the Afghanistan surrender.

Gen. Mark Milley
The End State

“It’s very clear the strategic end state is the global rules-based international order that was put in place in 1945 is upheld,” he said. Milley then called Ukraine “an important national interest.”

“How do you do that? How do you know you’ve achieved that end state? You achieve that end state when Ukraine remains a free, sovereign, independent country with a territory…

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