We all know what Obama/Eric Holder/Soros did to our Democrat elected officials in the states – paid them off and now look at all of the criminals roaming the streets instead of the prison stock yards.

The word on the street now is – thanks to those folks – if you do the crime you don’t have to do the time.

We have to stay on top of the covers instead of “under” the covers with Hillary/Joe/Mika who are communists.

Is Hillary still mad about the “blue” dress and taking that hate out on the American people??


She’s baaaaaaaaaack!

Hillary Clinton is back on the scene, and it may surprise you what her top priority is: the Wisconsin State Supreme Court race.

She’s raising money for radical progressive judicial candidate Janet Protasiewicz. And it makes sense — just like Hillary, she’s a far-left, pro-abortion progressive.

But plenty of state-level races have progressive candidates…why is Hillary so invested in this one?

Because there’s one thing Hillary knows after her bitter loss to President Donald Trump in 2016: Wisconsin is KEY to any national Democrat victory.

She learned the hard way that Wisconsin NEEDS to be a part of “the blue wall” for any Democrat candidate. When the Left loses Wisconsin, they lose the White House.

The Atlantic
It’s why the Left is so passionate about capturing Wisconsin’s state supreme court—to make sure a loss in this purple state never happens again.

Because if the Left controls the highest court…

A progressive majority can rule against any laws combatting voter fraud
A progressive majority can change the rules about how the state conducts elections
And a progressive majority can rule on any legal challenges to the vote totals.

Hillary’s preferred judicial candidate, Janet Protasiewicz, is already on record blasting “rigged” congressional maps and promising to “take a fresh look” at them if elected.

Translation: She won’t believe Wisconsin elections are fair until they are rigged in favor of Democrats.


Let’s be clear: If Democrats control their state supreme court, Wisconsin will go from swing state to solidly blue…even if they have to bus in voters from Chicago.

We have to stop Hillary’s revenge and make sure that Wisconsin’s elections don’t fall into the clutches of progressive judicial activists.

Our organization is fighting tooth and nail to elect solid conservative Justice Daniel Kelly back to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

But we only have a few weeks left to go…and now that Hillary’s directed her MASSIVE political operation to aid radical Janet Protasiewicz, we need every conservative to pitch in so we fight back.

Can we count on you?


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